We're ALL stir crazy. I get it. I'm in the same boat. But unless we all make a sacrifice, we're going to stay stir crazy for WAY longer than if we all just listen to the rules.

One of those sacrifices for a lot of people is golf season. I see my boyfriend playing virtual golf and looking at mini putting greens for our living room on Amazon and can tell he's dying to get out there. But for now, we've got to stay home.

The Rockford Park District is urging people to stay away from more of its facilities. WTVO details -

District administrators remind people not to use the golf courses. Courses have been closed since mid-march and will stay that way through at least April 30th. That’s based on the governor’s executive order. The district adds, these steps follow social distancing efforts and can help slow the spread of COVID-19.

It's a small sacrifice for the greater good of the community and the world in general right now.

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