It's always a good idea to grab some Portillo's, but this Valentine's Day, they are upping their 'awesome' game.

Oh, Valentine's Day. If you're married, it's a day you get your significant other a card and maybe a box of candy. If you're dating, you buy a brand new outfit and make big plans to celebrate with your boyfriend, if you're single you try very hard not to buy anything filled with chocolate until February 15.

But, this year, no matter which category you fall in, you are going to want to take advantage of Portillo's Valentine's Day special.

This year, Portillo's is selling a heart shaped version of their amazing chocolate cake. Not only is it adorable, it's cheaper than their original version, and won't make you feel too bad about eating it all... because it's half the size.

The best part is, you can order your cake RIGHT NOW. Hey, last minute Valentine's Day shoppers... order today and then you won't be able to forget when the 14th rolls around.

Oh, one more thing. Up to $25,000 of the proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.

Cakes are available to pre-order while supplies last and can be scheduled to be picked-up anytime between February 10 and February 14.

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