It helps to have a huge garage door on the end of your restaurant, turning your 'inside' to 'outside' in a snap.

This Friday is a huge day for Rockford restaurants, the chance to serve actual in-person customers for the first time in over two months.

I waited tables for the better part of four years and I understand how important missing one night of serving or bartending can be to your bank account, let alone two months, so this is really a great chance for the teams behind these restaurants to get creative and serve.

Alchemy at Giovanni's didn't have to get too creative, they just needed to open the garage door.

I will say, the breeze at Alchemy is like no other, and the food and drinks are pretty great too.

Of course there are a ton of precautions that Alchemy and all restaurants planning to reopen are going through, which explains the hefty social media posts, but we're all dealing with this together and we're hopeful that we're making all the right decisions to getting farther inside those restaurants this summer.

If you need a look at one of their great drinks, you can thank Rachel from Rockford_Cravings for this sweet shot.

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