We're been through banana bread trends, sourdough starters, I think there was an orange eating trend last week and now it's red wine brownies.

Red wine brownies are great because they sound extremely fancy, but actually they're just as easy as making regular brownies.

If you google the trend you'll get tons of recipes, some super complex and some much more quarantine friendly.

All you need to do is sub out the vegetable oil for red wine and use a box of brownies.

Plus, I will tell you as someone who's made a ton of baked goods in my life, boxed brownies are better than homemade, so just use your favorite box and swap the oil for the wine.


I used a Cabernet because that's what I had open, however when I made the drizzle topping I used Pinot Noir... because that's what I had when I was making that part.

It's seriously so simple, swap the oil for the wine and if you want to decorate them with a drizzle, combine 1/2 cup of powdered sugar wih a few tablespoons of red wine until you get the consistency you like. Viola. You just made fancy brownies.

You deserve them.

P.S. The brownies are being baked, so it's at your discretion if you think anyone under the age of 21 should consume them. The drizzle however, is not baked and will remain completely alcoholic.

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