And you thought being single this Valentine's Day was going to be terrible.

It won't be terrible at all if you like chicken wings.

Hooters is giving all of the singles in Rockford (and all over the place) the chance to score free wings next Wednesday, and rip a picture of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to pieces.

So here's the deal.

Go to Hooters (in Rockford or wherever you want to eat on Valentine's Day), bring a photo of your ex, shred it at the restaurant and you'll get ten free wings with the purchase of ten free wings.

If you'd rather shred that photo at home, you can do it online and print a coupon for your free wings.

The wings in question here are the boneless variety, which sweetens the deal even more for me.

The only real catch is that you can only get those wings on Valentine's Day, but if you're single and willing to part with that photo of your ex, that really shouldn't be a problem.

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