Starbucks has created another way to capture the crowd.

Sure, coffee tastes the same no matter what the cup looks like, but Starbucks knows half the reason you visit their stores is to take a picture for Instagram.

I'm not hating... I do it, too. Every year when the holiday cups come around, you bet one of them shows up in an Instagram picture on my page.

Same with Frappuccinos in the summer, and soon, the spring cups.

It looks to me like Starbucks is trying to channel their inner Easter Eggs, with the pastel shades, but I wish they'd have thrown in a pink or purple.

The spring cups are only available for hot drinks, but it's probably going to stay freezing all of March anyway, so that will be fine.

You can get your cup starting March 16, and the color of the cup depends on the size of the drink: green for tall, blue for grande and yellow for venti.

I have a feeling we'll be getting some summer cups too...

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