This year, Halloween candy will be featured much earlier in Rockford stores.

I've always been one of those people that think holidays are being pushed way too far in advance by retail. I was at a store in July and saw Christmas stuff up. That's ridiculous. I think those displays shouldn't be up until Thanksgiving weekend. It really does drive me crazy. It's with all of the big ones nowadays.

With all the fun things in 2020 being canceled, I've had several friends with younger children discussing what will happen with Treat or Treating this season. It's a safe bet that it too will not happen. Another big hit in the world of business. Candy sales are big money. How will they make up for it?

Don't be surprised if the next time you head to the grocery store, the Halloween candy aisle is in full swing.

According to jg-tc,com,

"More stores have started Halloween displays earlier — most have moved up their displays two to four weeks earlier" than the typical mid-August and early September arrival, Stanley said, adding that setting up Halloween displays and aisles earlier can lead to increased sales."

If you've got a sweet tooth, better schedule that dentist appointment because the treats will be calling. At least there aren't Halloween songs that we have to suffer listening to in the shops.


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