Wanna hear a joke?

What kind of fries are not your fries? Nacho fries.

If you didn't get your fingers on a cute carton of crispy, seasoned nacho fries at Taco Bell in the last few months, you might not have much longer to give them a try.

According to Food & Wine, the snack was so popular that they can't keep up with the demand and they're running out of fries.

But don't freak out; your favorite frugal snack (they're only $1 y'all) will make a comeback this summer.

Taco Bell says,

fry fans can find solitude in knowing its all-time best selling product launch ever won't be gone for long as we already have a return slated for this summer. I repeat, they’ll be back!

When? As soon as this summer.

This winter, I had gave them a try in my Facebook live video series, "Honk If You're Hungry," and this news proves that you really don't know what you've got until it's gone. I didn't give them the best review, but now that I know that they aren't available, it makes me and my wallet sad.

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