Rockford is home to a ton of tacos, trucks, special nights and well just tacos in general, but there's one restaurant with a taco on the side of their building and they made a huge change this summer. 

Because I haven't lived in Rockford my whole life, I tend to remember the most recent additions to the city, ok well the most recent restaurants additions to the city and one that stands out to me is Taco Betty's.

The building stands out, the margaritas stand out, the rooftop stands out and the fact that once upon a time when the restaurant opened they were pretty strict on their menu.

There was a bit of a controversy regarding a 'no substitutions,' line on their original menu.

I was actually concerned that if I went I wouldn't be able to get my food cilantro free. A few years and more than a few margaritas later I've enjoyed their food and drinks a gazillion times, including this weekend when I found out that salads officially landed on the menu!

In my ordering excitement I forgot to take a picture of the menu, but I do have a picture from March 18 of their menu where there is not a note about the salads and burritos that are now available.


So clearly this addition is more recent than then.

On the current menu (which is not the one posted above), you can turn any taco into a salad or burrito for $10. I honestly think there was another option too but I can't remember.

I got the pork and pineapple salad (no cilantro) and it was both sweet and a little spicy. I would for sure order it again but probably ask for a few extra pineapple pieces.


When I asked on Instagram if people knew about the salads, 85 percent of you said you had no idea - let me know if you go!

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