Walgreens announced they'll be shutting down their downtown Rockford location at 1201 E. State Street later this month.

I'm actually pretty sad to see this location shut down.  I've had some really crazy encounters and experiences there.  From a guy sharing his entire breakup story while waiting at checkout, to seeing an elderly man get scammed out of thousands of dollars, and the electricity going out mid-shopping, I'm going to miss it!

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Google Maps
Google Maps

According to signs at the downtown Rockford Walgreens, their last day open will be Monday, February 19th, 2024.  Tons of stores are still open throughout the Rockford region, including Belvidere, Loves Park, and Machesney.

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Many Walgreens locations around the country have announced closures by the retailer.  By summer of 2024, nearly 150 locations will be closed in Illinois alone.  Could cutting costs play a factor in all these closures?

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You can still get your prescription refills done at any Walgreens location once this store closes on February 19th.  Now we're all wondering what's going in that storefront.

Wishing all the employees the best of luck and hopefully they can transfer to another location in the area.

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