The back-seat of your car is going to be really excited because those returns you've been storing can go back to Target!

No, we aren't going to be living 'normally' for awhile, or maybe even ever again, but it is nice to feel like some things are returning to how it used to be, especially when it means getting to return things to Target.

Whether it's something you bought in early March that just didn't fit, or something your ordered with your stimulus check, you can now return it inside the store!

I don't know exactly when this change happened, but I called today just to see if they were accepting returns and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were.

It was quick and easy, and if you're wondering there are certain spots to stand on while you're waiting in line and there are protective partitions set up by the computers as well.

It's the little things really truly right now, like getting to return a skirt that I bought months ago that made my day awesome.

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