This school year is going to be a different one for a lot of parents in the Rockford area, and Walmart is hilariously giving everyone the perfect plan: Jell-O shots. 

Parents and kids are getting ready to go back to school... or teach their kids for the second time this year at home... and that involves taking a trip to the store to prepare.

Including a trip to Walmart.

My friend was shopping there in Rockford this week and noticed this 'perfect' combo for parents who are now teachers this year - Jell-O Shots.

I don't know enough about these shelves in Walmart, to know if this is always a combo on the shelves, but whoever decided to pair this up this week deserves a shout-out.

So shout-out to that person, great job!

Also, I have the perfect Jell-o shot recipe if anyone needs one.

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