When I started my weight loss journey a little over a year ago, I never imagined that shedding a mere 30 pounds would bring on so many mixed emotions.

You'd think that after losing the weight that I'd be happy, proud and in love with my new body; but I'm not. It's a process and I'll get there, I just have to stop focusing on my flaws and embrace the progress that I've made.

That's the one thing people don't tell you about losing weight, it has it's ups and downs; and to make light of the subject I want to add that no one tells you that once your boobs go down (because that tends to be the first place fat likes to leave), it's hard to get them back up.

I know several women who have gotten breast implants after losing a considerable amount of weight and at this time last year I was even considering it myself; sometimes I still do. However, it's a big decision and it requires a lot of research.

If you've found yourself in a similar situation and your considering breast implants for whatever reason, please get to know Hannah Day and her story.  Hannah was sick for eight agonizing years before a doctor in Chicago determined that the reason she had been feeling fatigued, had joint pain, unexplained weight gain and other number ailments was because of her saline implants.

Hannah wanted to share her story because very little is known about Breast Implant Illness and she wants others to know about the illness in the event that they may be experiencing the same symptoms.
If you're on the fence about getting breast implants or maybe you have them already and have been experiencing the same symptoms, don't hesitate to see a physician. You might miss having bigger boobs, but your health is so much more important.

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