We've been spending a lot of time talking about terrible things going on in the world lately, how about a feel good story?

Norberta Pickett is 73, and she lives in Rockford. She and her husband were shopping near La Crosse, Wisconsin while riding their motorcycles, when they stopped at a Hallmark store.

Let's just take a minute here and think about how awesome it is that Norberta is 73 and was riding a motorcycle with her husband. That's amazing, Norberta, amazing.

Now back to the story. According to the La Crosse Tribune, Norberta and her husband stopped at Hallmark where she asked to use the bathroom.

They went back on their trip home to Rockford, when Norberta realized she lost her wallet, which included photos of her family and almost $12,000.

That is a lot of money Norberta! Of course, she was upset she lost her money, but was more upset that she lost her photos.

Her son went back to the mall to see if he could find it anywhere, but he couldn't. Finally, Norberta got a phone call from the police, saying that they had her wallet, her money, and her photos, thanks to a Hallmark employee who turned it in to the police.

Anyone else think this is a story for a Hallmark movie?