Tis the season to get elf-y and these 5 Rockford elves sure are having fun.

Oh that Elf on the Shelf.

Always getting into some sort of shenanigans, watching your kids to send messages to Santa, and of course, having a blast.

We wanted to know what your elves were up to in Rockford and we have a feeling we found some of the best elves.

Here are our five favorites.


Marquelle's elf is taking over the laundry room, which might be a great day to be the mom in that family. You can't touch the elf, so mom gets a day off!


The Brickhead family's Elf is taking fun into his own hands... and it looks like he's about ready to run over that LEGO guy.


Wendy's family's elf might be my favorite, rock climbing on Christmas bows is beyond adorable!


I hope Amber's family has another bathroom they can use today... looks like this one is occupied.


Finally, Nichole's elf. The toothpaste-elf situation is probably my favorite because if you look closely, the elf face was made for this photo.

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Happy Elf-ing!

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