For the last few weeks I've been in the market for a new couch. After owning my current living room set for seven years, it's time to say goodbye to pet stains, sinking cushions, and bad sentiments.

Because I'm on a budget, I've been perusing Craigslist and Facebook's marketplace; and after recruiting some help from friends who know I'm in the market for new furniture, I may have finally found the perfect couch on Rockford's "Buy, Sell, Trade & Automobiles" Facebook group.

Take a look at this "Just friends / Netflix and Chill deluxe movie sofa." This has to be the funniest, and most creative ad ever posted in Rockford's marketplace, and other users agree.

The post comes from a guy who is obviously single who hasn't had much luck with the ladies, hence the numerous references to the friend zone and the fact that the couch has "special powers that will radiate dbag repellent."

I dare you to get through the whole post and not want to buy this couch. You better get it before I do.

Rockford Buy Sell Trade
Milo Gambino via Facebook
Milo Gambino via Facebook

Interested parties have said:

  • "This is the best description of a product I have ever seen!!!"
  • "I wanna hire you as my personal marketplace sales man...i think you could sell water to a water well....sun glasses to the blind...etc...great stuff you got here....and i guess the couch is pretty nice looking too."
  • "What the f@#k did I just read?"
  • "Dude!!! This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen I Rockford resale!  You’re hysterical! "
  • "Best Ad Ever!!!!!!!"

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