Meet my good friend, Jenna. I have had my eye on this girl for a little over a year. I’d show up to her Saturday kickboxing classes at the Loves Park YMCA, I’d stalk her in the weight room and push myself to be like her, and now I’m working right next to her.


If there is someone you know who inspires you, whether it's at the gym, at work, or anywhere, take a chance and the time to get to know them. I was extremely intimidated by Jenna, but I had an opportunity to go up to her (like a crazy person stalking a celebrity) and tell her how much I admired the work she does; after a few more random chance encounters we learned that we had a lot in common and quickly became friends.  I'm so grateful for her friendship, and the time she took out of her day to put this video together with me.

Interested in working with Jenna? You can reach her at the Anytime Fitness in Rockford on Harrison Avenue, 815-227-9911.

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