Green Bay Packers DE and Rockford-native Dean Lowry recovers a fumble and scores his first ever touchdown. He completed his 62-yard run with a Lambeau Leap.

Rockford's Dean Lowry Scores 1st Career Touchdown, Then Gets Fat-Shamed by LA Times Writer
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Dean had a pretty good day against the Buccaneers; a sack, a fumble recovery, a touchdown and a Lambeau Leap. Even after having an exceptional day, LA Times sports writer Matt Wilhalme took a poke at Dean. His healing was a bit fat-shaming but he quickly made up for it in the story.

LA Times Headline:

Fat-guy touchdown alert: Packers' Dean Lowry scores on 62-yard fumble recovery

But later in the story, Matt Wilhalme writes, defensive end Dean Lowry is listed at 6-foot-6, 296 pounds. But that man can move.

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