Don't skip on those 420 discounts!

Let's be real. I've never participated in a 420 activity before. I wouldn't even know where to start.

But let me also be real... I am a big fan of CBD shampoo.

And conditioner and treatments and everything part of the Clean Hippie line.

How did I come to fall in love with this line? Because my friend Rachel created it. Would I have tried it without my friend connection? Probably not. But you know what I am so glad I did.

I think in the last almost two years since she launched the line I've had to use another shampoo maybe three times? And my hair really felt it when I swapped out the glorious Clean Hippie life for some junky shampoo that I used to buy.

This isn't an ad, it's just a reminder to think outside the box sometimes and maybe that means Clean Hippie and their 420 discount.

I need some protector... so I'll be clicking too.

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