Rockford is celebrating 420 on Taco Tuesday.

Sometimes, we luck out and the planets align and holidays fall just right with the day of the week we desire. For example, your 21st birthday falls on a Saturday. I have always been a big fan when the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament kicks off on Saint Patrick's Day. Maybe, when the Fourth of July lands on a Friday, so you get a three-day weekend without having to use a vacation day.

This could be one of the best coincidences of the year. It is the weed holiday of "420" that falls on Tuesday this time around. Now, you might be thinking that a weekend might be better to celebrate, but do not forget. On Tuesdays in Rockford, many restaurants and bars have a weekly Taco Tuesday promotion. You can not go wrong with tasty cheap tacos when you have the munchies.

By the way, if you do not understand the concept of "420," this might help. According to, "Everybody knows 4:20 is the time to smoke pot. And everybody knows 4/20 is the international pot-smoking day."

Now, I know this is not the first year we are celebrating "420" in Rockford with legal recreational cannabis in Illinois but remember last year we were in a lockdown mood, so we were not really allowed to go out and enjoy. This time, you can go have some "420" fun and eat some tacos.

Even though several years ago, there was a little snafu when Rockford voted Taco Bell its favorite Mexican restaurant, the residents really do know and like locally owned places too. Nothing against Taco Bell, I will run through their drive-thru quite a bit but on some occasions, you just need something different. This is one of those moments.

Here a couple of places I suggest checking...

  • CJ's Public House - This one might surprise you but this downtown bar features delicious tacos every Tuesday.
  • Olivio Taco -  These tacos trucks have a few different locations in and around Rockford. Plus, they have a great deal, 3 tacos for $5.
  • Taco Betty's - if you feel like trying something a little bit different with your meal, they have spaghetti tacos to check out.

I know there are many great places to eat tacos in Rockford and it would be impossible to name them all. What is your favorite?

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