Fireworks are super fun, but you know what's a little less noisy and even more creative? A drone show! Rockford, IL's first drone show is this weekend, are you ready?

We all love a reason to grab a blanket, snacks and a drink and stare up at the sky for something beautiful.

More often than not, we're celebrating with fireworks, especially here in Rockford where fireworks are spectacular!

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But, maybe there's something else that's just as spectacular and less 'boom-y?' There sure is, a drone show! And this weekend in downtown Rockford, we're getting the city's first ever drone show.

Two summers ago I saw a drone show for the first time in Green Bay, WI and I was incredibly impressed.

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The music and drone combo was awesome and so was the fact that dogs and babies weren't crying from the booms!

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I love a good fireworks show, but having this options is pretty great too. Plus drones can be programmed a bit more than fireworks can, so I'm pretty excited to see what this weekend brings to the Rockford skies.

The first drone show is part of this weekend's CRE8IV Music and Arts Fest celebrating the (bittersweet) last summer of murals in Rockford.

If you're used to getting to bed before 10pm, make sure you take a nap on Saturday! You definitely don't want to miss this!

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