Hard work and determination are going to pay off for former Auburn High School graduate, Fred VanVleet.

Whether or not VanVleet remains with his NBA team, the Toronto Raptors is another story.

Rumors are swirling that VanVleet is in line for the same money that a similarly styled player to him received in 2019.

Malcolm Brogdon formerly of the Milwaukee Bucks signed a monster contract with the Indiana Pacers. Brogdon scored a four-year, $85 million dollar deal to change teams.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game One
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The same might be happening with VanVleet.

After a career season with the Toronto Raptors, the formerly undrafted point guard is now in line for the biggest payday of his life. While the Raptors may end up re-signing him, he's expected to get plenty of attention in such a weak class, and the fact that he's unrestricted means a team has a chance to pry him away with a big offer.

So how much is Van Vleet going to sign for?

People around the league view Malcolm Brogdon’s deal last year with the Pacers as VanVleet’s comparison, which means in the neighborhood of four years, $85 million.

So VanVleet is going to get at least what Brogdon made in 2019 and considering there are other teams interested in his services besides the Raptors, he's in a spot to take the offer that suits him and his family best. The Rockford native could end up with a $100 million contract offer by the time when he finally signs on the dotted line.

2019 NBA Finals - Game One
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It's a true underdog story and one of the best kinds. When no one else believed in VanVleet he bet on himself. Now it looks like he's gonna cash out.

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