There's really nothing more fun than mud volleyball and Roscoe knows how to do it right.

Before I even thought about working or living in Rockford, I was playing mud volleyball here.

One of my really good friends has a friend who grew up in this area and told all of us that we had to play mud volleyball with her.

So we did, and it was amazing.

Every year it continues to be an awesome muddy day filled with, well, a lot of mud and a lot of fun.

Last night, Roscoe Mud Volleyball announced this year's big day, August 11!

The muddy games get started at 6:30 a.m.

And in addition to the mud and fun, there's also a really important charity involved, the Epilepsy Foundation of North Central Illinois - Rockford.

So get excited to get muddy! More info coming on the Roscoe Mud Volleyball Facebook page.

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