Could Mother Nature please give us a break from all of this rain, please?

It's so easy to complain about the weather. Too hot, too cold, too snowy, too dry, too rainy, but this summer has been insane.

Almost every week since Memorial Day we've either had a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm in the Rockford area.

While the storms are irritating, they're also pretty detrimental.

We've heard about power line problems, trees getting ripped up and the river flooding, but who would've thought the flooding river may impact the Roscoe Mud Volleyball Tournament?

Oddly enough, I played in this tournament before I ever worked here in Rockford, but it seems like the weather never participates. Sure the sun comes out for the games, but one year we were having such a drought that there was no mud.

This year, it's the exact opposite.

Our fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates and the teams can get exactly the right kind of muddy on August 12.

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