The Rockford community is beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 quarantine and businesses will slowly begin to re-open, but the future of this pandemic is still so unclear. Many tough decisions will need to be made by families and leaders in the weeks ahead, and one of the toughest ones will be about the fate of the 2020/2021 school year.

As a parent I feel kids returning to the classroom is a top priority, but I am truly unsure of what that classroom setting should look like next year. Would I feel safe sending my kids back to school? Would our family schedule allow us to successfully pull off in-depth distance learning next year? I just don't know.

I will tell you this, for the last couple weeks my daughter and I have been helping her kindergarten teacher test out a new method of e-learning to help determine what works best if true distance learning is the fate of RPS 205 students next year. The assignments my daughter has been working on are far more in-depth, which I appreciate as a parent, but I also know many families will struggle finding the time to complete them moving forward, and student's educations will suffer.

Finding the most effective plan for students and families moving forward is the top priority of RPS 205 right now, but they need our help to develop the best plan.

RPS 205 will be publishing their School Year Planning survey soon, and every family needs to fill it out. We need to be honest with our expectations and capabilities. We need to start thinking about re-working our daily schedules to allow for distance learning...just in case.

Keep an eye on RPS 205's website and Facebook for more details in the days and weeks ahead, and stay positive my friends!

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