Nothing stops prom. Even a late April snowfall couldn't ruin prom.

The end result isn't the most glamorous thing, but prom doesn't stop.

This is what happened in Stillman Valley just south of Rockford on Saturday.

With snow making it treacherous to drive, the school district stepped up and offered a different, yet similar, mode of transportation.

With a nearly 30 minute drive from the Grand March at Stillman Valley High School to the dance destination at Barnicopia in Polo, it was time to improvise.

The school district rolled out buses. You know, school buses? They lined what buses they had available and took prom attendees safely to Polo and back to Stillman Valley after the dance had finished.

No injuries occurred from driving in the bad weather, and from the sound of things the dance went off without a hitch.

Sure the plans changed, but you can't stop prom, and the students of Stillman Valley High School will have a story they'll never forget.

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