Hurricane Matthew is about to slam into Florida's Atlantic coast and these Fort Lauderdale beach cameras will show it live. 

Getty Images

Central and north Florida have never been hit by a storm this strong. This catastrophic hurricane is currently a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. The death toll after Matthew hit Haiti is 100. President Obama has declared a state of emergency for Florida just hours after Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned that "this (storm) will kill you." Storm forecasters believe it is quite possible that Matthew will be upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane by the time it hits Florida.

What is a Category 5 hurricane? Winds at or greater than 155 mph that will cause catastrophic damage to property, humans, and animals. Complete or almost-complete destruction of mobile homes, frame homes, apartments, and shopping centers, and nearly all trees will be snapped or uprooted. Power outages can last for weeks and possibly months. Long-term water shortages should be expected as well, and most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.

While these live camera feeds are meant to entice you to vacation on Florida's Atlantic coast, for now they will give you an up close look at what it's like to be in deadly hurricane. To connect to the feed, click HERE.