According to a WTVO report, residents are leaving town in droves, dropping Rockford all the way the to the 5th largest city in Illinois.

Sure, people may be leaving but Rockford's good restaurants are staying.

Here are seven restaurants you'll miss, crave and probably dream about while living in another state.

1. Uncle Nick's - 918 East State Street, 5404 East State Street

A late night gyros from Uncle Nick's? Yes. That moment you realized you left town before grabbing one to go.

2. Lino's - 5611 East State Street

There might not be a better definition of "Rockford pizza" in the entire city. You want a slice of Rockford, you eat at Lino's. If you want boring pizza, move out of town. There's plenty of that across the country.

3. 15th and Chris - 201 15th Avenue

Insane burger creations you will pay 10 times more for in another city. Too good to share anyway. 15th and Chris is Rockford's very own burger stop.

4. Marc's Fusion Cafe - 4133 Charles Street

Sure you can have sushi in another city. Heck, you can buy it a gas station. There will only be one Marc's Fusion.

5. Stockholm Inn - 2420 Charles Street

There needs to be a breakfast place on the list. The morning after a long night out or if you just need some Swedish pancakes in your life, the Stockholm Inn will be there. If you leave town, you can go to Denny's.

6. Sahara Palace Restaurant - 5890 East State Street

One of the most unique and low-key awesome restaurants in Rockford. For a city of this size, it's surprising we have this in town. When you leave town, Sahara Palace stays behind.

7. Smoke House Barbecue - 432 Harrison Avenue

Try Smokehouse Barbecue before you leave. The Sho Boat will change your life. You'll probably unpack your bags and decide to stay. If you are deadset on leaving Rockford, be sure to get the Macaroni & Cheese at Smokehouse first. Because they only serve it on Sundays.

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