Anyone who doesn't have the luxury of parking in a garage knows that the snow struggle is  so real during the harsh winter months in Illinois.

Morning after morning you have to wake up earlier and earlier to sweep, scrape and scratch off snow and ice that's made a home on your hood and windshield for hours.

You try to justify the agony by telling yourself that it's a great upper body workout, that you're actually saving money by not getting caught with your car running while you're warm and toasty inside ($125 fine BTW if you get caught in Rockford with your vehicle running without you in it), but it still doesn't make it any less annoying.

Would knowing that you could get another fine for not cleaning off your car be the little extra added motivation that you need to do the deed?

That's what could happen in Virginia if drivers fail to clear ice and snow off their cars before hitting the highways.

According to WTVR, a proposed law would allow police to fine drivers $100 if they're caught driving "with any amount of accumulated snow or ice on its exposed surfaces where, were the snow or ice to become dislodged from such vehicle, such accumulated snow or ice could interfere with the operation of another motor vehicle or cause injury to persons or property."

Safety is obviously a huge concern.

Have you ever been driving behind someone who didn't clean off the top of their car and with just one gust of wind, the entire sheet of snow comes flying back onto your windshield? It's terrifying.

While we're heading into the 40's this weekend, I know it's hard to think about right now, but do you think this is something that the state of Illinois should consider doing?

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