Raise your hand if you've been sick for two weeks or longer, have tried every medication under the sun and you're still not better.

You even went to the doctor but were told that because you didn't have a fever and nothing is coming out of both ends that you don't have the flu; your coughing up a lung, stuffy nose and fatigue is simply something viral.

Viral? If it's not the flu virus, then what is it?

It's more than likely from the family of adenoviruses, viruses that can cause you to get sick all year long.

According to Fox 6 Milwaukee, the symptoms often mimmick those of the flu virus but usually last 10 days and the only treatment necessary is over-the-counter medicines and your grandma's herbal tea.

Like other viruses, adenoviruses are spread exactly by coughing, sneezing, and coming into contact with anyone or anything like might be infected, including door handles and light switches.

The best way to avoid getting sick? Wash your hands frequently, avoid people who are already sick and stay away from anyone who has pink eye.

I'd like to add that you should get as much rest as you can and stop feeling bad about not being able to do your normal daily tasks like go to the gym.

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