A message from a 97ZOK fan on Facebook had me wondering what is going on with the KFC on East Riverside Boulevard in Loves Park.

The message reads "I was wondering if anyone has heard what happened to the KFC on E. Riverside in Loves Park? The KFC is closed and all signage removed nearly overnight it seems."


After calling the 6566 East Riverside KFC and receiving no response, I rang up the KFC corporate "contact us" number looking for answers. Stranger yet, KFC Corporate had no idea what's going on either.

However, a call to the KFC at 5949 East State confirmed my suspicions, the KFC employee told me, she didn't know when but "yes," the KFC on East Riverside is indeed closed.

While I have yet to hear that confirmed by either the manager or owner of the KFC on Riverside Boulevard, it appears that KFC is gone.

EDIT: I received a call from an area manager who said KFC on East Riverside has been closed since February 1, and the property has been sold.

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