Imagine it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you're having a family celebration at Sinnissippi Park. The sun is kissing your skin as you feel the cold blades of grass between your toes and there's a light breeze that is carrying the scent of evergreens, charcoal grills and *cough* cigarettes from the next picnic site over. Yuck.

If you've ever experienced this, you no longer have to worry because a clean air ordinance is now in place for all Rockford Park District facilities.

According to WIFR, smoking and vaping are banned entirely and anyone who violates the law will be subject a fine of $125; that fine increases with every violation.

The park district says the ordinance is meant to "keep us and our families healthy, will reduce litter, and help protect others from secondhand smoke."

Well, it looks like I'll be forcing my boyfriend to go to our local parks more often; he vapes and I hate it.

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