I'll admit it, I'm a gardening noob. The first vegetable garden I planted last year didn't yield anything at all.

I planted in very late May, which is apparently a big no-no if you want to see something grow.

This year, I started early. I planted kale, eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber.

The kale was great, the lettuce has now "bolted" and I need to pull it and while I'm still waiting on tomatoes and eggplant it seems my cucumbers have come up nicely.

However, they're orange. That's right, my cucumbers are orange. They look like a cross between a carrot and cucumber.

Something Strange Is Growing In This Byron Man's Backyard
Sweet Leonard Photo

What is this mutant thing? Did in my gardening noobdom manage to mix carrot and cucumber seeds to create some kind of brand new super veggie? Were they not ready to be picked? Unripe, overripe, or worse yet, sunburned?

Turns out, orange cucumbers are a thing. Urban Simplicity says orange cucumbers "are a somewhat new crossbred variety designed to be loaded with vitamins."

How do they taste? Well, "they have an almost acidic, lemony aftertaste to them" per Urban Simplicity.

A comment under the post alleges orange cucumbers "have high amounts of beta-Carotene (which turns them orange) and vitamin A."

Of course, nothing for me is easy. The first year I grow something in my vegetable garden and I grow orange cucumbers. Maybe in year three, the cucumbers will come up green.

Do you have any orange cucumbers popping up in your garden this year? Tell us!

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