We may have reached a new level of laziness.

I was shopping last night and hanging in the produce aisle of a suburban Jewel store when I discovered that some people will pay almost $4 to save 30 seconds of effort.

Don't get me wrong, I know that some prepared items make life ridiculously easier. Pre-cut watermelon and pineapple save about 20 minutes each and a huge mess.

Same goes with already chopped onions, shaved carrots, chopped and pealed sweet potatoes, cooked and peeled hard-boiled eggs. Sure, we can do all of those things ourselves but they do take actual time and effort that on some days we just don't have.

But cutting a cucumber? Is anyone really too busy to cut a cucumber? You could argue that these cukes are half-peeled, but if you look closely you see that they aren't even peeled at all, the skin of the vegetable has obviously been cut with a knife.

On top of all of that, cucumbers aren't usually expensive and they last longer if you wait to cut them until you need them. Tell you what, if you would prefer to have pre-cut cukes, I'll buy them for you, peel and cut them and then you can just pay me to extra $3, deal?

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