Say goodbye to your paycheck.

As if Target hasn't taken it already; and that was when you were sober. Now, they want to impair your judgement so you can spend even more cash on all that stuff you didn't need but just had to have because you were cruisin' end caps for clearance items and happened to stumble upon some things that would look really nice in your bedroom that you decided needed redecorating the minute you walked in the store. And, yes, I meant to say stumble because that's exactly what will happen when you've had a glass of wine or two before you start shopping.

A new Target store in Chicago, which is set to open in October, has applied for two liquor licenses- one to sell booze and one to serve it from a bar inside the store.  Should they get approval, it will be the only Target store to serve alcohol.

I think it's time to move to Chicago. First they open a Taco Bell that serves up margaritas and now this? Sure, I'll probably go bankrupt but life is meant to be lived and life with a Target that serves alcohol is worth living. Besides, it's just money.

Times this by ten after you've had a glass of wine or two.