20th Century Fox is making your dreams come true. If, in fact, your dreams are to sleep at a Titanic themed hotel .

When I first read about this future resort, I got really excited. You mean, I can go to this place where I can pretend to be Rose Dawson? Twelve-year-old me is pumped.

Until, I really thought about it. Um, Michelle, remember Titanic? Everyone dies and Rose lets go of Jack even though she promised she wouldn't?

Oh yeah... so maybe I don't want to go to this resort. But it still sounds pretty awesome!

The actual plans aren't set in stone just yet, but 20th Century Fox released a statement saying that a resort is coming to Dubai, that according to Cosmo will include Titanic, Ice Age, Planet of the Apes and The Simpsons.

Literally something for everyone. The resort is expected in 2018, so you have some time to get your plane ticket, and find a necklace that looks like the heart of the ocean.