We're happy for him. Just a little jealous of her.

Sorry! We love Anthony Rizzo.

By the way, 'we,' in this case, is really just me.

I know, I know, he's a superstar baseball stud and kind of looks like my brother so eww, but still he's Anthony Rizzo, so his engagement photos make you happy and bummed.

In case you've been paying attention to only his role as Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo has been dating Emily Vakos (soon to be Rizzo) since before he had a World Series ring, and according to Instagram, they are officially engaged.

Side note: I LOVE her dress. Someone please find out where it's from, ok? But I would want to change it to a tank top.

It's hard to see the ring, but that second photo sure shows it's sparkle and giant-ness.

I'm also not sure what they're standing on, but that's a sweet shot of the skyline on Lake Michigan.

So maybe, this is why the Cubs have been sucking lately? Rizzo has been nervously playing with a giant diamond in his pocket?

Well, boys in blue, now that your buddy Rizzo has taken care of this proposal, you can get back to being good at baseball.

Congratulations soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Rizzo!

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