By the Summer of 2021, flying on Southwest Airlines out of Chicago, will get a lot easier.

I'm not a frequent flier, but at least two times a year, I'm flying somewhere. Because of fares that were so good they couldn't be avoided, I would reluctantly drive from Rockford to Chicago's Midway Airport, so I could fly on Southwest Airlines. While I've never been a fan of driving on the Stevenson Expressway, I'm a big fan of flying Southwest. I've made six trips on Southwest flights and every single one of those flights was a great experience. Now, I can skip the longer drive.

By the middle of 2021, Southwest Airlines will be expanding to begin offering service out of O'Hare airport.

Clearly, this expansion is a win for all involved, including those of us who will be putting our butts in those seats.

At the moment, gate locations and destinations are still being worked out, according to

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