The Chicago White Sox and fans at the 'MLB Field of Dreams' in Iowa game will get to try a new Guy Fieri creation that combines two very American foods.

Get Ready Dyersville, the Chicago White Sox are On a Mission From God

For one night, Major League Baseball try to tap into the most special places of all; the place baseball lovers reserve in their hearts for the 1989 movie, Field of Dreams.

The White Sox and New York Yankees will be playing on a field adjacent to the ball field featured in the movie. MLB dropped some money to build something more 'suitable' for primetime TV. What they meant is that you'll need to be rather wealthy to come see this game in-person and we should have something nice for them to sit on.

Both teams have some sharp-looking throwback uniforms. The Nike swoosh on the jerseys is more proof that this game isn't really about nostalgia. At least not the kind of nostalgia we feel when we pop in the Field of Dreams DVD.

Back to that, Mission from God... the one about food!

It would be a shame to waste such a new, perfect-for-baseball-fans food on just one night in the middle of a cornfield. Shouldn't we all get the chance to try a,

Apple Pie Hot Dog????

Guy Fieri has basically created the most American food, ever. Like, really. Ever!

Prepare to drool.

The Apple Pie Hot Dog starts with an all-beef hot dog, then apple pie filling, and Fieri’s signature bacon jam, enveloped in flaky pie crust, and topped with an apple mustard drizzle, apple pie spice, and demerara sugar.

See that message at the bottom of the video, "not for sale." We get it Chevrolet, you're the sponsor of the concessions at the game, but why should only the people who can afford to be there, be the only ones to enjoy this new deliciousness.

Surely, the Mayor of Flavortown, can help you distribute his creation around America. You could even send some back with the Sox to serve at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.

Introducing a new twist on a classic: The Apple Pie Hot Dog. Che
Introducing a new twist on a classic: The Apple Pie Hot Dog. Chevrolet collaborated with the mayor of Flavortown, chef Guy Fieri, to create the ultimate ballpark snack. The Apple Pie Hot Dog, which was inspired by a notable Chevrolet television advertisement from 1975, will be offered exclusively at MLB at Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, on Aug. 12, 2021.

I do appreciate being given the recipe but it seems like a lot of work. Just get this thing into ballparks soon, Chevrolet. "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet", the old jingle needs to add one more very American thing... we're lazy. That's too much work to just make a hot dog.

Just sayin'.

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