How did Pete Davidson spend an entire day in Chicago, including a performance on stage and there isn't one photo to show you? 

Let me take you back to the beginning of this story. It was Friday, September 15. I was supposed to go see Aerosmith at the United Center that night, but they had already postponed their concert due to Steven Tyler's vocal cord injury, so I was feeling glum and ready to spend money to see anything live in concert.

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I was sitting at my desk reading a 'what's trending,' email and saw Adam Sandler's name on the list. I asked my GDS producer, Sydney... why is Adam Sandler trending? Turns out he had just announced a tour. Sydney said, oh and did you see Pete Davidson and John Mulaney are going on tour?

What? I asked her. I had not heard of this! She assured me it was a real thing, even though I totally didn't believe her. How did I miss a big announcement like this? Probably because it was definitely a very low key announcement, made mostly by John Mulaney on Instagram.

With John's presale code, we ended up getting tickets for $139, which felt like a steal. We were so excited to see this duo, but I'd be lying if I told you I thought this show was actually happening. I didn't. I was in total disbelief... because I still hadn't see one ad or post about it.




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We got to the show and it really was them!

Pete Davidson Performed Stand-up in Rosemont, Illinois

Pete Davidson performed comedy LIVE at the Rosemont Theater last Thursday, October 5, and we will never forget it. But we only have our memories because the minute we walked into the theater, our phones were put in YONDR bags, and we couldn't snap a photo of anything other than a selfie in the 'phone zone.'

There wasn't a 'John & Pete,' sign anywhere, but I swear to you Pete Davidson was in Chicago last week and he was a better stand-up than I expected.

John and Pete drove through Chicago and Rosemont and then went on their way to Indiana, you might've passed them on the expressway.

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Thankfully we can all catch him on camera this Saturday on SNL.

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