Hey Illinois, you're full of Swifties. And those Swifties make it a point to know where their girl Taylor is and what's she's doing whenever possible.

Back in MY day... you didn't know when or where you'd see a celebrity. You see, we didn't have this thing called the internet. Well, it existed, but the only people who really used it worked at the airport or were part of the military.

Slowly but surly, we started going online to look up info and then in the early 2000s, computers shrunk down to fit in the palm of our hands, complete with the ability to search for whatever we wanted to know in an instant.

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Before that, if we wanted to know about celebs, we would buy People Magazine, or J-14, or Tiger Beat... maybe Teen People or Teen Vogue? We would have to wait a month to get the hottest gossip. Can you believe we survived?

Now Taylor Swift is helping the NFL break viewership records because the second that someone snapped a pic of her at a game, millions of people turned on the TV.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets
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A lot of those people might be from here in Illinois, since we are one of the states with the highest yearly searches for Taylor Swift news.

Ironically, a sports betting company, Betway, analyzed Swift searches this month and brought us a list of the states with the most Taylor curiousity.

Illinois came in 5th place, with Florida taking the top spot followed by Ohio, Virginia and New York.

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Wisconsin came in 12th if you're wondering.

And I know you want to know the state that cares the least about what Taylor's doing... that's North Dakota, even though she helped them set a State Fair attendance record in 2009!

How much Swift searching have you been doing? I know for sure my searches are factored in the 3,685,200 Taylor Googles in the past year.

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