So you didn't want to color your own Starbucks cup? Looks like no one else did either.

A few weeks ago, Starbucks debuted what we were told would be the 2017 Starbucks Holiday Cup.


It was kind of boring and wasn't supposed to offend anyone.

Well, turns out, no one wanted to color their own cup. So Starbucks already replaced it with a new holiday cup.

And it's not even December.

The new cup, is much more holiday looking, as it's red... and has a heart on it, which someone somewhere will probably be offended by.

You know, I went to Starbucks Sunday morning and I got a regular old cup and I wondered what was going on, but now I totally get it.


The red cups hit Starbucks locations today (November 28) and Gwen Stefani is pictured holding the cup in this promo because, well, she is promoting a Christmas album.

Now, if only Starbucks delivered, then I could have some red cup skinny peppermint mocha right now.

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