I take a lot of pride in being one of those people who are one of the first to know when something new comes out, especially when it comes to food, wine and Starbucks drinks.

So you could imagine my surprise when my friend Tiki shared on Facebook this morning that the new avocado drink at Starbucks wasn't available in Rockford. Avo-excuse me? An avocado Frappuccino?

Yes. According to Food & Wine, it's a thing and it's only available in one place, South Korea.

Now I know what you're thinking- this has got to be disgusting; but I think you might actually like it...a lot.

A couple of months ago, I was doing a live broadcast at Carambola Gelato and Coffee Shop in Loves Park; and I was surprised to learn that one of the flavors they offer is avocado. Even more surprising was how tasty it is. It was sweet, smooth and creamy.

So, before you pray that this offbeat frapp flavor never makes it to the states, I ask you to keep an open mind....and maybe ask your local barista if they'd consider making it for you just for fun.

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