Starbucks knows how to celebrate a new season. These Spring drinks are nothing less than amazing.

Tis the season to swap your winter latte for an iced dream coffee.

That's what I'll be calling these drinks.

Starbucks brought back two amazing Macchiatos, and I really need someone to tell me if I can have one of these even though I gave up dessert for lent.

The drinks come in both in hot or iced, which is perfect if March does a dip back to winter next week.

Are you ready for the details?

The Hazelnut Mocha Coconut Milk Macchiato is described as, 'sweet hazelnut and our Sumatron coconut milk is combined with our bold Espresso Roast, then topped with decadent mocha drizzle. All handcrafted to ensure each sip is perfectly balanced'

The Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato is, a 'Horchata-inspired macchiato made with our bold Espresso Roast, creamy almond milk and sweet cinnamon dolce syrup, finished with signature caramel cross-hatch and a sprinkle of cinnamon dolce topping creating a delightfully refreshing beverage.'

Ok. so I think those are both desserts. I'll get one on Easter, and probably every day that following week.

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