It's tax season! If you didn't know, now you know.

Now that you're in the know, you can start making a plan for your taxes. Because if there's one thing in life you shouldn't procrastinate, it's doing your taxes. It's not the most fun thing in the world, but it really is one of the most important things you do.

But taxes can be complicated. Don't worry though, Goodwill is here to help! Goodwill will help residents file their taxes, beginning January 25th. If you haven't heard of this program before, it's a really cool way Goodwill gives back to the community more than they already do.

But you have to qualify for the program. WTVO details -

The initiative is part of Goodwill’s “Good Taxes” program. To qualify for assistance, individuals or families need to make less than $57,000 a year.


This isn't the first year Goodwill has offered the program. It's actually the 12th year that they have offered the free service. Last year, Goodwill says they helped more than 2,300 people in the Rockford area.

Here's the three locations of the free tax sites -

  1. Rockford Goodwill Mission Services Center – 850 N. Church Street, Rockford, IL, on Mondays thru Wednesdays and Fridays – 9am to 4pm
  2. HomeStart Rockford – 803 N. Church St., Rockford, IL on select Tuesdays – 9am to 3pm
  3. HomeStart Freeport – 307 W. Main St., Freeport, IL on select Tuesdays – 9am to 3pm

You can get more information and schedule and appointment here. Or you can call (815) 987-6200.

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