2020 delivers another surprise. There's a nationwide competition to find a kid with best  mullet, and a Rockton 7th grader, Noah Smith, is in the finals.

[UPDATE 10/28/20]

Congratulations to Noah Smith, he finished 2nd in this first-ever mullet competition for kids.

Big things to celebrate tonight! Noah and his “Freedom Flapper” placed 2nd in the USA Mullet Championships!!!


Posted by Troy Smith on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Today is the day I learned that there's a competition for the most-loved, and the most-hated, hairstyle ever. The hairstyle often referred to as 'business on top and a party in the back, could score Rockton's Noah Smith a $500 payday.

The Kids Mullet Championship is now in the final stages and there are ten young men hoping to take home the honor of having America's favorite mullet and $500 cash. The youngest competitor still in the competition is just one-year-old.

The boys all have some great names for their mullets. 12-year-old Noah Smith, from Rockton calls his mullet, 'The Freedom Flapper', other names include, 'The Texas Tailgate', 'Lil Jack Dirt', 'The Tennessee Top Hat', and 'The COVID Campershell.'

Listen to Noah chat with The Steve Shannon Show about his 'Freedom Flapper'

Stateline Kid is in U.S. Mullet Championships and Needs Your Vote
USA Mullet Championship

I asked Noah's mom, Jamie, how long he's been working on growing his 'hair party', she said,

"Quarantine helped it keep growing but he’s had this dream for a long time. His goal is to grow it until graduation - he’s in 7th grade."

These are the photos the Smith family submitted, that put Noah in the championship round.

Stateline Kid is in U.S. Mullet Championships and Needs Your Vote

Now it's time for you to do your part. Bring that mullet money home to Rockton, for Noah.

You can vote once every 24 hours through October 25th. Click HERE to vote.

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