A new survey revealed the most popular as well as lucky and unlucky football mascots in high school and college.

Over 16,000 different schools were surveyed by gambling.com in order to come up with the numbers.


Using data from Calpreps.com, we analyzed the winning teams and their mascots for every high school football league across America over a two-year period from 2018–2019.

The total number of mascots that have appeared in games was gathered using data from Maseyratings.com. To work out the % chance of winning, we multiplied the number of mascots by two (to account for the two-year period of league victories from the Calpreps data), and divided the number of winning teams by this figure to determine their chances of victory.

Almost every Rockford high school mascot is missing from the list, but there are a couple of standouts.

Christian Life and their school mascot, the Eagles, are the most popular team name in all of football.

The Eagles have won 56 titles across the US over the last two years and have a better than 2% chance to win just based on the mascot name alone.

The Byron High School Tigers have the second most popular mascot but at the same time are considered to have one of the least lucky mascots in high school and college football.

Mind you the Tigers aren't all that unlucky. Overall, teams using a Tiger mascot ranked 10th but had 26 different title winners over the past couple of years nationwide.

Shifting gears, I decided to find the luckiest high school football mascot and I happened upon one that I feel I could shoehorn in. Apparently, Jefferson High School has one of the luckiest football mascots according to research.

At #6 overall, schools using Jayhawk mascots, or in this case, J-Hawks, have an 11.11% chance of winning just based on their mascot name alone.

That could mean good things for the upcoming season for Jefferson High School, right?

The truncated season for Jefferson kicks off on March 19 at Freeport. Regardless of the outcome for Jefferson, Byron, Christian Life, or really any team suiting up later this month, they all have to feel pretty lucky getting the chance to get on the field in 2021.

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