2022 was supposed to be the final year of the infamous McDonald's McRib, but it looks like the saucy sandwich is making a comeback. 

Do you remember the first time you heard about the McDonald's McRib? You were probably in diapers watching cartoons and suddenly saw a commercial for McDonald's most talked abut sandwich making a return. Because every time the McRib is mentioned, it's always because it's 'coming back.'

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Maybe you were first introduced to the McRib comeback while you were watching one of MTV's biggest reality shows, The Osbournes. (NSFW clip)

People (me) are still asking Jack Osbourne if he's excited the McRib is coming back!

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The McRib is Coming Back in 2023

But this time, it's kind of a big deal, because the McRib wasn't supposed to come back. Last year, McDonald's said the McRib's return would be the final time it landed on the menu, calling it a 'farewell tour.'

But like most farewell tours, this one wasn't really goodbye. The TODAY show confirmed the McRib is landing back at McDonald's restaurants this fall, but it looks like this is not a nationwide appearance.

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Last year, the sandwich came back in the fall and was gone before Thanksgiving.

Why does the McRib only make a seasonal appearance? Is the McRib even that good? I have no idea because I've never ordered one. Should I? Send me a message in the app chat and let me know.

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