The madness started at around 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Traffic started to pile up on 251 as people rushed home to make it before the snow started to fall, lines at the grocery store were backed up into the produce department with people stocking up on bread and milk; and schools across Illinois were already announcing that tomorrow would be the highly anticipated snow day.

As you get older, get a job and have responsibilities, the snow day really means nothing. Unless you can work from the comfort of your couch or have enough vacation days to take the day off and not stress, all a snow day really means to you is getting out of bed an hour earlier just to make it work on time so you can earn some money to pay your bills.

That's at least what a snow day means to the staff at Taco Betty's, Social Urban Bar and Restaurant and Abreo. Which is why they've decided to do something no other restaurants (that I can think of) have ever done before- they're giving complimentary rides and beverages on their "Magic Snow Bus."

Who's coming with me?

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