Illinois Nonprofit Needs Old Phones to Help Deployed Soldiers
I can't lie, I have a weird thing where I can't throw out my old phones. There's a couple reasons. First, I know that my garbage bin in my kitchen most likely isn't the place I'm supposed to throw out a cellphone. And secondly, I keep them as a back up phone just in case my …
Miss Carly's Shares a Donation Update of Items in Need Right Now
With Winter right on our front door, it's time to start thinking about how we keep our community safe and warm this holiday season. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads or a bed to sleep in.
That's why organizations like Miss Carly's are amazing...
Rock River Valley Blood Center is Now Testing Donated Blood
If you've never donated blood, you should strongly consider it. It's saves a lot of lives and it's extra important if you're healthy that you donate right now.
And now donated blood is being tested. The Blood Center will test all successfully donated blood for COVID-19 antibo…

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